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The Dead Diaries


Eric, Jason and Dre have been best of friends. Jason's personal past, however, has caught up to him. When his cousin, Landon, decides to take action, Jason and his friends are put in quite the bind. 


The three friends are soon faced with a deadly adventure. Dre can't help but laugh through it all, Eric is ready to fight his way out and Jason pleads for his life. Will Jason's cousin Landon help them out? Or will Landon and his two partners carry through with their little game of torture? Either way, the initiation has begun...


Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written by Chad Addison

Cinematographer: Steven Jared Mangurten


Winged Warrior Entertainment, & The Real MMJ

It's YOU not Me.


Remember Titanic? *this ISN’T that*

BUT it is about a sinking ship: Karen & Luke’s separate love lives.


Follow them as they brave the storm and survive the most unusual dates. Ripped from the pages of a real life so ridiculous it has to be true! IT’S YOU NOT ME. Not just another web-series!!


Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written by Renee Kay & Brian Micheal Riley

Cinematographer: Abe Portillo &

                            Steven Jared Mangurten


Winged Warrior Entertainment, & Dancing Flames Productions.

One Last Shot


For anyone that has ever felt peer pressure.

For anyone that is ‘different’ in any way 

For anyone that has ever been bullied 

For anyone that is/was a bully 

....sometimes you only have ONE LAST SHOT



Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written by Yossi Kastan  

Cinematographer: Henryk Cymerman

Editor:  Abe Portillo


Kast N Krew Production, Winged Warrior Entertainment, & Inclusion Films



A young women is faced with a choice that no one should ever have to make.



Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written by Jenn Page

Cinematographer: Jeff Santos


Film Jack Productions


Starrring Jenn page & Jonathon Trent


Matt Wimmers, Isis Silva, Kyle Mattocks, Isaac Feliciano & Bruno Patrick 

The Bliss AKA Rocker

Will a desperate singer do just about anything to make it as a rock star? Just about... Phaedra Hill is trying to make it as a rock star in Los Angeles, despite many obstacles. Her gambling New Jersey parents have other aspirations for her career, her jaded best friend Martina is too busy partying in Hollywood Hills, and her love fascination, Jackson, is just plain sleazy. But her best friend and manager Daisy comes up with a scandal to bring her long awaited fame.


Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written by Camille Solari

Cinematographer: Milton Santiago


Society Entertainment, LP3 Pictures, & La Vie En Rose.

El Mariachi Negro

The term 'Mariachi' describes an amazing Mexican musician who possesses the voice of an angel. Unfortunately, Eddie can't sing, play any instruments or speak Spanish, and oh yeah... he's Black! After his girlfriend's cousin, Rocio, a stunning Latina, drags him to his first Mariachi show, Eddie finds his true calling. His beautiful, but frustrated, Latina girlfriend, Heidi, just sees another fly-by-night scheme and refuses to support him.


El Mariachi Negro is a charming romantic comedy about a young man in search of himself.  While pursuing his dream of becoming the first ever Black mariachi, he falls passionately in love with more than just the music.


Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written by Kasan Butcher

Cinematographer: Don E Fauntleeroy


Being Brielle


A fact based drama about the tragedy and triumph of a brave young artist.


Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written by Renee Kay

Cinematographer: Jen Page

Editor: David Andrew Friedman


Dancing Flames Production


Winged Warrior Entertainment


Starrring Renee Kay, Kim Hamilton, Raven Tryon, & Matt Wimmers


Cherrae Stuart, Joanna Teris, Tomeka Sullivan, Ian Hamrick, Paula Page & Kierstyn Werth

52 Seconds of Love


52 seconds is a unique exploration of the inner workings of the feminine mind, portrayed from a romantic point of view. Mars and Venus are at work again.


Directed By Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written By Andy Hurst

Cinematographer: Ed Gutentag


Starring Zakareth Ruben & Kyle Mattocks


Kim Hamilton, Jenny Mendoza, Ian Hamrick, Scott Powell, Sergio De La Vega, Bobby Pataki, Joanne Ryan & Stacy Fields

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