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I'm Sorry

Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written and Perfomed by Katya Lidsky

A one-woman play about how a people-pleasing apologist becomes an animal-loving activist!


A powerful and relevant show for anyone that loves or rescues animals, anyone suffering or recovering from addiction, anyone that experiences the obstacles and triumphs of everyday life... it is for EVERYONE.


You will laugh, you will cry, it will open your eyes, your mind and your heart!


"OUR HEN HOUSE" Interview
What the audience had to say:

" I laughed till my sides hurt one minute and was brought to tears the next. Kidsky's undeniable talent and Nadler's expert direction and guidance make this show a MUST see!" E. Diner

"This heartwarming masterpiece truly captures the remarkable Katya Lidsky's touching excursion of just how 'an apologist became an activist.' Nadler's irrefutable directing expertise makes this show an absolute must see." A. Artist

"It was quite a show! Lauren really has a very unique talent for directing performance." J Grubbs

"I loved it. It was so personal and raw but still so clean and sharp. I know that can be extremely difficult, but it looked effortless." C. Stuart

"Lauren Patrice Nadler's vision for this piece was clear through and through. Her innate artistic ability to incorporate details, authenticity and originality is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone in the arts to see." R. Tryon

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