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Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen

Two unnamed characters, Man and Woman, live in a crumbling flat on the Lower East Side. He is a drunk, and she is purposefully wasting away - but between them there is an intimacy of desperation.

Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written by Tennessee Williams

Starring: Shawn Parsons and Natasha Makin


"The most heart-wrenching of the five is “Talk to Me Like the Rain…And Let Me Listen” directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler. I don’t know if Nadler gave it a woman’s touch, but this act was the most powerful emotionally. An unnamed married couple, (Natasha Makin and Shawn Parsons) are going through a rough patch in their marriage. He’s trying to remember what happened the night before. She goes into a deeply thoughtful soliloquy expressing what’s on her mind to the audience. The tap of the rain continues to flow down, almost crying over their marriage. They briefly make love, but, the problem still remains. Makin was superb. She isn’t the tragic heroine like her predecessors but she is heart broken but says it in an almost inaudible whisper. The audience can feel her pain and she makes sure that they do." Mary E Montoro, SOCAL magazine

"SOCAL Magazine" Review

"In Talk to Me Like the Rain… And Let me Listen, Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler, a man and woman live in a cold-water flat. He has been on a bender, found himself in a tub filled with ice cubes and somehow wended his way home. She has been sitting in the apartment for three days waiting for him, consuming nothing but water the entire time. He begs her to “talk to me like the rain… and let me listen.” She finally opens up and expresses her fantasy of leaving and living a tragic life on an island paradise. Shawn Parsons as the man is quite good. We believe that he has been stumbling around, drunk, for several days, and also believe that he either loves the woman or is somehow connected to her in an inextricable way."   Goeff Hoff, LA Theater Review

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