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The Rocker aka The Bliss

Will a desperate singer do just about anything to make it as a rock star? Just about... Phaedra Hill is trying to make it as a rock star in Los Angeles, despite many obstacles. Her gambling New Jersey parents have other aspirations for her career, her jaded best friend Martina is too busy partying in Hollywood Hills, and her love fascination, Jackson, is just plain sleazy. But her best friend and manager Daisy comes up with a scandal to bring her long awaited fame.

Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written by Camille Solari

Cinematographer - Milton Santtago

Editor: George Artope


Society Entertainment

LP3 Pictures


La Via En Rose



Camille Solari

Danielle Nicolet

Elisa Donovan

James DeBello

Beth Grant

Oliver Macready

Nicke Steele

Bill McKinney

Gabriel Bologna



Richmond Arquette

Giovanni Bejarano

Bryant Carroll

R.J. Cantu

Rocanne Day

Vincent Duvall

Kristoffer Marquise Ealy

Leif Holt

Sunny Lim

Kyle Mattocks

Karen Y. McClain

Gino Montesinos

Natalie Nardone

Jeanette O'Connor

Bobby Pataki

Jessica Quiles

Jeannie Roshar

Joseph Julian Soria

Cherrae L Stuart

Michael Swan

Ann Claire Van Shaick

Matt Wimmers


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