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The Dead Diaries- Initiation

Eric, Jason and Dre have been best of friends. Jason's personal past however, has caught up to him. When his cousin, Landon, decides to take action, Jason and his friends are put in quite the bind. 


Eric, Jason and Dre are faced with a deadly adventure. Dre can't help but laugh through it all, Eric is ready to fight his way out and Jason pleads for his life. Will Jason's cousin Landon help them out? or will Landon and his two partners carry through with their little game of torture? Either way, the initiation has begun...

Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written by Chad Addison

Michael Franklin

Micky Shiloah



Steven Jared Mangurten



Brian Allen Dors


Produced by

The Real MMJ


Winged Warrior Entertainment



Jeremy Howard

Michael Franklin

Micky Shiloah



Erik Van Wagenen

Alex Neustaedter


Kyle Allen


Sound Mixer

Michael Faner


Boom Operator

Zack Pennetta


Special Effects

Steven Munson



Kyle Hartman



Kuali'i Wittman


Script Supervisor

Marquise Brown


Production Assistant

Ricardo Zarate Jr.



Lift-Off Film Festival The Dead Diaries
Jeremy Howard
Alex Neustaedter
Kyle Allen
Kyle Allen
Alex Neustaedter & Michael Franklin
Micky Shiloah
Alex Neustaedter
Micky Shiloah
Micky Shiloah
Alex N
Lauren Patrice Nadler
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