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It's YOU Not Me

Romantic comedy series about two New Yorkers, Luke and Karen, who are looking for true love via online dating. Through a series of disastrous dates, Luke tries to leave his “player” days behind him and settle down, while Karen must get over her nit-picky ways and overcome her fear of commitment.




Produced by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Directed by Lauren Patrice Nadler

Written by Renee Kay

Cinematographer - Abe Portello &

Steven Jarod Mangurten

Edited by Jason Koczanowicz


Winged Warrior Entertainment


Dancing Flame Productions



Renee Kay

Joey Russo



Kristin Korsnes

Joe Grubbs

Raven Tryon

Kua Wittman

Brandon Ford Green



Peter Pasco

Kim Hamilton

Ray Paolantonio

Ronnie Rosania

Michelle Pascarella


Guest Starring

Brit Morgan

Jeremy Luke

Rick Shapiro

Bobby Pataki

Tomeka Sullivan

Giovanni Bejerano

Nicole Travolta

Tye Edwards

Jenny Mendoza

Paula Page

Michael Mazzeo

Matt Wimmers

Michelle Prenez

Micky Shiloah

Joanne Ryan

Desiree Hall




For more information in the actors, characters, and episodes:

It's You Not Me Website


To view the full webseries:

TV Website

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