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Love Like Blood. USA 2006. Directed by Steven Bozga


Best Long Island Film - Long Island International Film Expo

Best Actor - Thaddeus Schneider - NY International Independent

Film & Video Fest


Kevin tries to change to a better man after spending his life stealing cars and boozing around. Kevin has serious conversations with Father Morgan, and after meeting Beth, everything seems to turn better. But Kevin finds out that changing is not that easy when old life keeps following around.

Love Like Blood is a carefully crafted drama with fresh faces and limited budget - but director Steven Bozga really knew what he was up to. Especially the lead actor Thaddeus Schneider and actress Caroline Whitney Smith are the most natural couple in films I've seen in many years, honestly. Schneider and Smith act well, but there are no maneuvres or practiced expressions - or then I just didn't notice them. Sometimes less is more, and Love Like Blood proves it once again with these gems.

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